Tips On How To Stop Excessive Facial Sweating

It is indeed a fact that any form of excessive sweating is an embarrassing one, an excessively sweaty face is one which would be rather easily noticed by those around you. What may feel like a very small amount of facial sweat to you may actually look like your face has its’ very own waterfall to onlookers. Having a very sweaty face is a nuisance for those who suffer from it and unfortunately there is currently no readily available or proven remedy. When it comes to facial sweating it’s not as though you can just reach for the antiperspirant and smother it all over your face, the act of doing so could have some very nasty repercussions as when you suffer from facial sweating one of the last things that you would want to happen is to cover your face in antiperspirant only to find that a drop of two of sweat has broken free from its’ captor and rolled down your face, bringing antiperspirant with it right towards your eyes and your mouth. Even if it weren’t dangerous to put it on your face, antiperspirants don’t always work for everyone.

For people who experience an excess of facial sweating it is recommended that they cease using facial creams no matter whether they are anti aging creams or moisturisers or any other kind of facial creams. Facial creams, especially those that are of a heavier texture can cause more sweating because they may act in a way that clogs the pores of the skin. If using facial creams is unavoidable then it’s recommended that these heavier creams are replaced with lighter textured creams.

Many people who experience facial sweating simply accept it as a part of their lives and simply deal with it by having a handkerchief with them at all times in order to wipe away the sweat. This is not the only option available for people who suffer from facial sweating. A very light covering of talcum powder may be applied to the face in an attempt to keep it dry and sweat free although its effects may be short lived.

When a person who suffers from facial sweating wishes to wear makeup they should chose loose powder compact foundations rather than their cream or liquid counterparts. The coverage may not last as long but you won’t be sweating anywhere near much when using the powder as you would be if you were wearing a cream or liquid foundation.

There’s one thing for certain when it comes to facial sweating and that one thing is that it isn’t the end of the world and your life isn’t ruined. Just like with many other conditions involving the face, facial sweating is quite often exaggerated by those who witness it and this in turn can make the sufferer feel extremely insecure and self conscious about it. The steps these people take to rid themselves of facial sweating may seem like nothing of importance to those on the outside looking in but to sufferers of facial sweating, even the slightest improvement can bring some of the greatest relief.


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